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What We Offer

We always strive to develop the best cloud solutions for working and rendering.

Cloud Workstation

Enjoy the flexibility of using powerful cloud workstations for working or rendering from wherever and whenever you want.

Cloud Render Farm

Render your projects much faster and with greater ease on multiple high-performance CPU and GPU servers simultaneously with just a few clicks.

Custom Service

Contact us with your specific requirements to customize our services to meet your needs and receive further support.


We allow users to pay only for what they use or select packages. By significantly optimizing working or rendering times, users can complete projects faster and take on more projects in less time.


Why Choose Us

Whether you’re a person, a small studio, or a large enterprise, we are here to provide you with the high-performance services you need to stay ahead of the competition.


Speed up working or rendering with a high-performance cloud render farm and workstations.
* Gen 96 vCPU, 384 GB memory
* NVIDIA L4/A10G, 384 GB RAM


Enjoy additional features which can further enhance their capabilities and flexibility.
* Upgrade configs, select region
* Budget management
* Team & project management
* Free Preview Render
(and more)


We use advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard your files and all information.
* Buyer Protection Policy
* Transport Layer Security (TLS)


Scale up or down resources whenever you want to fit your business requirements.
* 3000+ CPU servers
* 3000+ GPU servers


Do not need the budget for more expensive hardware and software solutions.
* No hardware investment
* No software license fee
* No IT staff or maintenance fee

* Pay as you go or choose a suitable pricing plan…


We have strict policies and procedures in place to protect your data.
* Non-Disclosure Agreement
* Privacy Policy


How IT Works

We offer two service gateways, including our cloud render farm and our cloud workstation service. You can follow these basic steps to use them:



Let’s create your account for free then you can get a free trial and discover our advanced features.


Data Transfer

Set up your working environment on our workstations, or simply transfer your necessary data to our cloud render farm.


Working or Rendering

After a successful working environment setup or data transfer, you can work or render on our cloud services.


Workstation Demo

Watch this video to see how to create a new cloud workstation

Render Farm Demo

Watch this video to see how to render projects on 3S Cloud Render Farm



We always appreciate all feedback and suggestion from you!

Your satisfaction is our inspiration

    Nyoman Agus Suarsa
    Nyoman Agus Suarsa

    The best render farm so far. User friendly interface, all we need to do is upload the files and start the rendering process. My favorite is we can simulate the directory path as it is in our local computer.

      Юрий Тюжин
      Юрий Тюжин

      Best staff, the best technical support, round-the-clock response, instant response. The most accurate preliminary cost estimate. The fastest start-up of the project. The fastest equipment. The lowest prices.

        Prudent Designs
        Prudent Designs

        Across the board, this company is perfect! They helped me with program bugs, provided fast and cost efficient renders and it’s all packed into an intuitive desktop software for ease of access. Definitely try them out!

        Powerful CPU Servers
        Powerful GPU Servers
        B2B Customers
        B2C Customers


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